RPT Costa Rica Journeys takes care of every aspect of your holiday. Let Jannette take care of the details while you create memories to take home.

A warm welcome at the airport, transportation to and from local activities and locations, a range of fun and adventurous day-trips to magnificent waterfalls, tours to four of the most popular National Parks in Costa Rica, whale watching tours, snorkeling at a National Marine Park, and expeditions to explore the local culture, cuisine, and luscious weekly markets.

Let us make it all stress free and easy.

We can easily design an adventure to suit your pace, your style, interests and budget. We customize packages to your preferencesplease contact us for additional information. We will then provide you with a Package Proposal designed for you.



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  • Sheer romance meets travel
  • From easy to elegant in a beautiful tropical setting
  • Come early and discover beautiful Costa Rica with your wedding party
  • Our talented chef, florist, stylists, and musicians will create an outstanding celebration of your vision
  • Let us create a celebration that reflects you!


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Wellness Retreats

  • Either host your own wellness or yoga retreat, or come and participate in a retreat with local practitioners
  • Wide range of exceptional local practitioners such as Reiki, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, and more
  • Quality “me” time to renew in mind, body, and spirit while feeding your adventurous side
  • Our beachfront location makes it ideal for long walks and relaxation


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Writers/Artists’ Retreat

  • Feed your artistic soul in our majestic tropical location
  • Beautiful setting/luxurious accommodations to free your creative juices
  • Awe-inspiring environment
  • Opportunity to focus on your art
  • We’ll nourish your body while you nourish your soul


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Yoga Retreat

  • Relax and renew with a healthy retreat holiday
  • Our beachfront location makes it ideal for long walks and relaxation
  • Feel the warm tropical breeze as you energize your mind, body and breath


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Your Package could include a selection of full-day tours such as …
Corcovado National Park
National Geographic has called this Park “one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet”. In this very small corner of Costa Rica, you can hike through luxurious rainforests, and have the chance to see exotic creatures such as squirrel monkeys, sloths, stunning butterflies, hummingbirds, tropical birds, and maybe even catch a glimpse of a puma.
Nauyaca Waterfall Tour
This is the most spectacularly beautiful waterfall in all of Costa Rica. This tour has been offered by a local Costa Rican family for over 3 generations. Take a horseback ride into the natural canopy, climb the rocks at the falls, and cliff dive to a 200ft. waterhole below. Jump if you are a chicken, or swim below just to watch the fun.
Cano Island Snorkeling Tour
Explore gorgeous coral reefs and turquoise blue waters at one of Costa Rica’s best snorkeling destinations. With fantastic underwater visibility, you may get a chance to swim alongside sea turtles, dolphins, sting rays, parrot fish and more. The marine biological reserve protects the eons-old growth of these coral reefs. The 1.5hr. boat ride offers you the chance to see whales, dolphins, flying fish, sea turtles, and marine birds.
Whale Watching Tour (Dec-Mar/Jul-Oct)
Costa Rica is famous for two distinct whale watching seasons. The southern Humpback Whales arrive in July to October, and the northern Humpbacks arrive in December to March. Our coves and bays are famous for their tranquil waters, and make excellent nursery grounds to raise their babies and to mate. Our boat captains know where to find them, and keep a safe and respectful distance. A photo-op extraordinaire.
Off-shore Sportfishing
From sailfish to marlin to mahi mahi and mackerel, fishing in Costa Rica is unlike anything you have ever experienced. The ‘fishing grounds’ are just over an hour off-shore which means less travel time and more fishing time for you. Fishing is good year-round, so the best time to come is anytime.
Manuel Antonio Day Tour
Come visit the sweetest little national park in Costa Rica. It has several coves where you can relax and swim in the tropical waters. But be sure to guard your snacks from the wandering monkey troupes and sneaky iguanas looking for a free lunch. There are hikes through the lush rainforest, and the diversity of wildlife is impressive.
Mangrove Bird Watching Tour
The mangroves are a completely different eco-system most people never explore. And the mangrove forests of the Southern Zone are the largest mangroves system in all of Central America. On this tour, our guide will share with you the local indigenous history of this hidden region, and locate a myriad of birds, monkeys, crocodiles and caimans. Capture beautiful photos as your boat glides through this pristine environment.
Boruca Indigenous Village Tour
This tribe of indigenous people claim they are the only natives who were never conquered by the invading Spanish. This has allowed for the development of a rich and ancient cultural history. Take a trip to their village, tour their museum of history, sit with the local artisans, and maybe buy one of their stunningly beautiful masks to take home as a souvenir of your visit. A cultural must see.
Ocean Cruise
Hop on board for a three hour cruise. Relax on the spacious deck, feel the cool tropical breezes on your face, and admire the verdant passing shoreline and aquamarine waters of Manuel Antonio Bay. Keep an eye out for dolphins, whales, marine birds, and other marine life along the way. Jump right into the warm waters for snorkeling at a beautiful coral reef. Fun in the sun for all ages.
Your Package could also include a selection of half-day tours such as …
Guided Nature Hikes
We are nestled on a private 75-acre Protected Biological Reserve in a pristine tropical rainforest. Take a guided night walk with a trained biologist who will point out nocturnal creatures you would never see on your own, such as poison dart frogs, kinkajous, ocelots, jaguarundis, caimans, crocodiles, and even snakes. Be ready to be awed.
Surf Lessons/Golf Course
Costa Rica is known world-wide as a prime surf destination. Our region is famous for the consistency of the waves every day, year-round warm waters, and off-shore breezes which all make for great surf conditions. Our local surf instructors can accommodate all experience levels, whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer. And if you are a golf lover, we have it for you too. See monkeys across the fairways and macaws flying overhead, there is no way to describe golfing in Costa Rica. Let us arrange your perfect T-time. All you need to bring is a smile and some enthusiasm … we will supply the rest.
Wildlife Sanctuary
Our local wildlife rescue center cares for abandoned or orphaned baby and adult animals that have been injured but survive. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release them back to their natural habitat. They also work to educate and enlighten the people of the world about the amazing animals of Costa Rica! Get a close up look at scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, baby sloths, squirrel monkeys, and an amazing range of parrots.
Local Markets/Beach Day
Every Saturday morning, come check out the fresh and juicy local produce, and stroll the aisles of our local feria (market). Sample home-made chocolates, drink fresh-squeezed fruit juice, and pick out souvenirs and treasures from local artisans to take home. After a morning shopping at the feria, we will pack a picnic and head to the beach. Swim in the warm pacific aquamarine waters, relax with a good book, or just watch the clouds float by.
Zip Line Tour
Experience the thrill of a lifetime ziplining through the tropical canopy. This zipline is as much an ecological experience as a canopy adventure. This is a great way to see and learn about the tropical rainforest and have fun at the same time.
In-shore Sportfishing
Many people don’t know that Costa Rica offers some of the most exciting inshore fishing in the world. Inshore fishing targets a variety of species such as the great rooster fish, snapper, and mackerel that are plentiful just off the shorelines all year round. Inshore fishing requires less specialized equipment than offshore fishing, but can be just as challenging and exciting.
Beach/Waterfall Tour
Beautiful beach after stunningly beautiful beach, and all of them quiet and calm. This region of Costa Rica is famous for these pristine beaches where you can stroll for hours, not see a single soul, and simply enjoy the antics of the monkeys or listen to the raucous calls of the scarlet macaws as they fly overhead. Within 20 minutes from our property, we have our pick of four different stunning waterfalls where you can swim in the refreshingly cool waters, or even jump off a rope swing into the swimming hole. Check out one or check out them all.
Nature Reserve
Our non-profit biological research and education center is located on the property. It is committed to developing and implementing community-based real-world projects and conservation management solutions. This Center develops its own primary research projects, and offers a unique environment to researchers and volunteers. Come spend time with the biologists and volunteers, and learn about our on-site sea turtle conservation program.