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Costa Rica itself is one of the most biodiverse countries on the face of the Earth, and the Southern Zone takes the lead as the most diverse area within the entire country. Countless species make their home within this region. Toucans perch on trees outside your window and white-face monkeys bounce playfully along palm tree-lined beaches. The Southern Zone is your chance to experience the lush, tropical beauty that is Costa Rica.

The Southern Zone is all about diversity, from the rugged landscape to the amazing wildlife. Hiking through the dense jungle or swimming in natural waterfalls, watching whales with their young, or lounging out by the pool, you can find it all in Southern Costa Rica.

Consider travel in the rainy season – it doesn’t actually rain every day, or all day. For some, rainy season is truly their favorite time of the year. It has a charm all its own. Amazing thunderstorms and riveting lightning displays, the lushness of the rainforest, abundance of wildlife when it is cooler, and fewer tourists make it a fantastic time to visit.


Highlights Of The Area

For such a small corner of Costa Rica, there is an amazing range of diversity – in geography, climate, history, wildlife, and social life.

Beaches – enjoy the incredible beauty of the blissful beaches without having to fight for a space to lay your beach blanket down. There are virtually unending beaches that appear totally unexplored and filled with the untainted beauty of wild jungle.

Biological Nature Reserves – this region was originally clear-cut to make way for cattle ranches. Slowly owners and environmentally committed projects have been returning this area to its natural state, and providing a safe sanctuary for returning wildlife species.

Indigenous and Cultural Richness – visiting a foreign country is about learning about what makes them different and unique. The Southern Zone offers indigenous handicrafts unique to this region, as well as any number of national and local festivals to experience the culture.

Local Waterfalls – this region includes one of the most spectacular waterfalls in all of Costa Rica with a 200 ft-deep swimming hole for cliff diving, as well as hidden gems known only to the locals.

National Parks – this area boasts four of the best National Parks in Costa Rica. And one of these Parks is recognized by National Geographic as one of the top four biodiverse parks in the world.

Tours – for such a small corner of Costa Rica, there is an astonishing number of activities to try out and enjoy. Whatever your interest, skill level, or willingness to try a new adventure, this region has a tour that suits you.

Try Surfing or spruce up your skills – this region is famous for its surf. Not the waves you would see in places like Hawaii, but consistent surf conditions almost every day and all-year round.

Volunteer Community Projects – the vibrant expat community has been instrumental in creating a variety of projects to help in giving back to our neighbors, protecting the wildlife, and rescuing injured wildlife and abandoned domestic pets.

Weekly markets – our local markets are where we go to mingle with our neighbors, stock up on fresh fruit and produce, and look over the local artisans handicrafts.

Whale Watching Season – the best time is December to April, and August to December. Both Northern and Southern hemisphere humpbacks pass through our region. Come and mingle with these gentle giants of the seas.

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